041: Battling Burnout with Brain Sensing Headphones – Vital Neuro

Matt and Debbie chat with Alex Doman, author, entrepreneur and founder of Vital Neuro

This episode is packed and includes:

  • Alex’s family background in brain wellness and helping people realize their full potential
  • Alex’s research in therapeutic music and the profound influence it had
  • The evolving mission of Vital Neuro to help people reach their greatest potential and find homeostasis and mental wellbeing through the power of music and technology
  • More about Vial Neuro and their product that reads brain activity in real time and sends personalized music to you and the benefits it has over time
  • What’s in store for Vital Neuro in the next year and when the product will go to market
  • Learn more about Vital Neuro: https://vitalneuro.com/
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