Month: April 2020

025: Getting Through it Together: Peer-to-Peer Support with iRel8

In this episode, Matt and Debbie sit down with Dion Gonzales and Jeff Dorchester, the founders of the anonymous peer support app IRel8, to discuss how and why they created their anonymous, peer-to-peer mental health app.

024: Pandemic Parenting – the challenges Families Face during COVID-19

Matt and Debbie sit down with Scott Cypers, director of Stress and Anxiety programs at the Johnson Depression Center, at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on the family and on parenting.

023: Osiris Labs – Building Empathy in the Workplace with VR

Matt and Sarah sit down with James and Don of Osiris Labs to discuss using virtual reality to train soft skills to help better workplace productivity and build empathy. The group discusses how technology and these skills apply in response to COVID-19 and how these skills may be different in a post COVID-19 world.

022: Managing a Work From Home Organization

Matt and Q Saeed meet (remotely) to discuss the role of leadership in organizations, and the way COVID-19 has caused unprecedented change in the way teams work.