Month: May 2020

029: Being the Change – Brooke and Brian Griese on Helping Families Navigate Grief and Loss

Matt and Sarah speak with Brian and Brooke Griese, founders of Judi’s House, a community center for families experiencing loss, with a direct focus on childhood bereavement. Brian, a former NFL player, 1998 Super Bowl champion, and son of Football Hall-of-Famer Bob Griese, lost his mother at a young age. Brooke decided at a young age to become a child psychologist. Together, they are making incredible strides for science-backed and community-oriented improvements to the way kids and their families deal with grief and loss.

028: Already Remote – Community Mental Health in the Mountains

In this episode, Sarah and Matt interview Sharon Raggio, CEO and President of Mindsprings Health, a community Mental Health organization serving a large catchment area in the Rocky Mountains. They discuss providing mental healthcare for rural communities, and the acceleration of telemedicine as a result of COVID-19.

027: Changing the way Doctors Prescribe Opiates with OpiSafe

Matt and Sarah talk with Robert Valuck, CEO of Opisafe and faculty at the Skaags School of Pharmacy. OpiSafe is a tool Doctors use to reduce potential harm and abuse when prescribing opiates and is making waves in the medical community by applying innovative thinking to one of Healthcare’s most urgent challenges.

026: The Mental Health of a City with Wes Williams

In this episode, recorded prior to the COVID-19 Outbreak, Matt and Sarah Boland sit down with Wes Williams, the Chief Information Officer of the Mental Health Center of Denver to talk about their innovative approach to community mental health, via their Digital Front Door, Human-Focused Design, and meeting the need Denver’s population in whatever way they can, including haircuts.