Month: September 2020

040: Proven Results of Ketamine-Assisted Therapy – Dr. Jennifer Dore

In this episode, Matt and Sarah chat with Dr. Jennifer Dore, a board certificated psychiatrist specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychopharmacology

Some of the topics discussed on the podcast include:

  • Her journey from being a general surgeon to psychiatry
  • Starting a private practice at the end of her physiatry residency to allow for more creativity to help people where they were as opposed to following a standard algorithm
  • Noticing the limitation of tools for people who were still stuck which led her down a path to ketamine assisted therapy
  • Writing the first published paper on ketamine assisted therapy
  • The history of ketamine
  • Preparing clients for the ketamine experience and the integration process

039: A Waiting Room that Doesn’t Suck – Paul Gilmartin

Matt and Debbie interview Paul Gilmartin, comedian and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast. This is our longest episode to date, some of the topics discussed include:

  • Paul’s experience hosting Dinner and a Movie + his struggles with addiction
  • Paul’s focus on being successful and never feeling like he succeeded
  • The impact of his podcast and hearing his peers talk about mental illness and struggle
  • Paul’s hobby of making furniture
  • This episode includes sensitive topics and adult language
  • Listen today and give us your thoughts