058: Broadening the Conversation on Firearm Suicide: Emmy Betz

Marian (Emmy) Betz, MD, MPH is an emergency physician at the University of Colorado and also conducts research in injury epidemiology and prevention. She joins the podcast to discuss her unique role in working with the gun community for suicide prevention and firearm injury prevention. She also leads the Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative on the Anschutz Medical campus and is co-founder of the Colorado Firearm Safety Coalition, a group that aims to education firearm retailers, range employees and the general public about suicide prevention and firearm safety.

053: The Power of Mindfulness and Positivity in Schools: Meg Frederick

Matt and Debbie speak with Meg Frederick, founder of the Mindfulness and Positivity Project, which seeks to bring meditation practices to schools in the Colorado Springs area. Stay tuned for an awesome guided meditation at the end!

052: Decades on the Cutting Edge: Dr. Walter Greenleaf

Matt and Sarah check in with Dr. Walter Greenleaf, who they call the ‘Godfather’ of Virtual Reality, though he prefers the term ‘Yoda.’ Conversation ranges from COVID-19 shifts in strategy, to a big telescope Walter bought on eBay. This is a fun one!

051: Virtual Reality-Based Music Therapy in Palliative Care

Debbie and Matt sit down with the folks from CU Anschutz’ Palliative Care to talk about their Pilot Study.

Hillary Lum, MD, PhD is an internist, geriatrician and palliative care physician at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, University of Colorado Hospital and Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center at the Eastern Colorado Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Center. Since moving to Colorado in 2011 from the upper Midwest, she enjoys being a primary care geriatrician, directing a telehealth program for rural older Veterans that reaches Veterans in Colorado and Wyoming, and conducting research to improve care for older adults with serious illnesses. She is passionate about working with community partners to develop innovative approaches to improving quality of life for individuals with serious illness, including a new virtual reality and music therapy intervention for hospitalized patients with palliative care needs. 

Adreanne Brungardt, MM, MT-BC is professional research assistant for the Division of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  Her background as a board certified music therapist has been instrumental for serving on a wide variety of projects and programs ranging from dementia caregiving support to a novel virtual reality and music therapy intervention for individuals with serious illness. 

Angela Wibben is a board-certified Music Therapist and has been practicing within adult and pediatric medical settings throughout her professional career. She has extensive experience as an integral member of hospital interdisciplinary teams for palliative care, pediatric and adult oncology, intensive care units, and general medical/surgical units. Angela has additional specialized training and experience in Hospice and Palliative Care Music Therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, Neonatal ICU and Medical Music Therapy protocols, as well as therapeutic drumming facilitation. She is a Bachelor of Arts prepared percussionist from the University of Arizona, and completed her Master of Music, in Music Therapy, from Colorado State University. Angela’s research interests include integrating innovative technologies into Medical Music Therapy practice as well as qualitative research for Music Therapy in Palliative Care.   

050: What do Virtual Worlds Smell Like? with Aaron Wisniewski

On this episode, Matt Speaks with Aaron Wisniewski of OVR Technology – Aaron has been called the “Indiana Jones of Scent,” due to his lifelong obsession with the power of scent and how it can benefit the human experience. This has led him around the world collecting and bottling scent memories. Prior to founding OVR Technology, Aaron spent years crafting experiences around taste, flavor, and aroma, working as a professional chef, a mixologist, a sommelier, and sensory artist. OVR Technology is the second olfaction-based company he has co-founded on his over 20-year journey combining the art and science of our oldest most primal sense and technology to produce meaningful, measurable human outcomes.

048: Executive Coaching is NOT Therapy: Janelle Banat

Matt and Sarah speak with Janelle Banat, who is an EXECUTIVE COACH and NOT A THERAPIST. The only reason this has to be made clear is because she is, in fact, Matt’s Executive Coach.

047: A New Year And a Second Chance with Hassan Latif

Matt, Sarah and Lena sit down with Hassan Latif, executive director of the Second Chance Center, a non-profit dedicated to reducing recidivism in the post incarcerated population nation wide.

046: Entertaining the Children and Healing the Family – Rick Rekedal Returns

Matt and Sarah chat with Rick about his family’s journey through suicide, alcoholism, and ultimately reconciliation which inspired Rick’s book called “One Small Step”. The three also talk about the challenge of going into the holidays during a pandemic and how this year it is especially important to practice gratitude.  Rick shares some helpful tips on how to practice gratitude with family and challenges Matt and Sarah to share something specific that they are grateful for.

045: TRIPPing in VR, Trailblazing in Tech: Nanea Reeves

Matt and Sarah speak with Nanea Reeves, Founder of TRIPP, partner of the Center and tech industry veteran. Discussion ranges from TRIPP itself to the challenges women face in a majority-male industry, to the time she spent at The Arcade as a kid, ultimately leading her down the path to becoming one of the first women in a leading role in the gaming industry.

044: Sources of Strength – Scott LoMurray

Debbie and Matt speak with Scott LoMurray, executive director of Sources of Strength, an organization dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health among students.

043: Patrick Bordnick

With 20 years of experience in the use of Virtual Reality for the treatment of addiction, Patrick Bordnick has a wealth of knowledge to share with Matt, Debbie and Sarah.

042: Becoming a Leader from Lived Experience: Solome Tibebu

Matt and Debbie speak with Solome Tibebu, a mental health advocate, digital health investor and behavioral health technology strategist. As a self-described Former Anxious Teen, she has built both non-profit and for-profit startup organizations aimed at changing the dynamics of delivery of mental health care.

Learn more about the Upswing Fund – https://wp.me/aaEfN9-ou

Overview for Grant Applicants to the Upswing Fund –  https://wp.me/aaEfN9-ow

041: Battling Burnout with Brain Sensing Headphones – Vital Neuro

Matt and Debbie chat with Alex Doman, author, entrepreneur and founder of Vital Neuro

This episode is packed and includes:

  • Alex’s family background in brain wellness and helping people realize their full potential
  • Alex’s research in therapeutic music and the profound influence it had
  • The evolving mission of Vital Neuro to help people reach their greatest potential and find homeostasis and mental wellbeing through the power of music and technology
  • More about Vial Neuro and their product that reads brain activity in real time and sends personalized music to you and the benefits it has over time
  • What’s in store for Vital Neuro in the next year and when the product will go to market
  • Learn more about Vital Neuro: https://vitalneuro.com/

039: A Waiting Room that Doesn’t Suck – Paul Gilmartin

Matt and Debbie interview Paul Gilmartin, comedian and host of The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast. This is our longest episode to date, some of the topics discussed include:

  • Paul’s experience hosting Dinner and a Movie + his struggles with addiction
  • Paul’s focus on being successful and never feeling like he succeeded
  • The impact of his podcast and hearing his peers talk about mental illness and struggle
  • Paul’s hobby of making furniture
  • This episode includes sensitive topics and adult language
  • Listen today and give us your thoughts

038: Athletics, Anxiety, and the World Stage: Missy Franklin

In this episode, Matt and Sarah sit down with five-time Olympic Gold-Medalist Missy Franklin. They discuss the challenges she faced as an elite athlete and public figure while grappling with depression and anxiety, authentically representing herself and meeting the incredibly high expectations of the World’s most accomplished athletes.

037: Cognitive, Emotional and Physical Benefits of Equine Therapy: Hearts and Horses

In this Episode, Matt and Sarah explore the promising potential of equine, or horseback therapy with Robin Gabriels, Tamara Merritt and Cori Pabst.

Study Flier – http://crazedpodcast.com/study-flier-colorado-site-v6-april-2020/

Randomized Controlled Trial of Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Gabriel et al 2015 – http://crazedpodcast.com/gabriels-et-al-2015/

036: Back to School 2020: Safe Return or Fall Fiasco?

In this episode, Matt turns the podcast over to NMHIC’s interns, Lena Schneck and Zach Smith. They interview Elissa Wolf-Tinnsman, a highschool teacher in the Denver Area about some of the implications around returning to school this fall. Concerns about COVID-19 and adjusting curricula for a more inclusive education are addressed.

035: Family Focused Therapy – a Novel Approach for Preventative Mental Health Care

Matt and Debbie sit down with Christopher Schneck and Aimee Sullivan to discuss their findings while implementing an exciting new approach to the treatment of bipolar disorder: Family Focused Therapy! Family Focused Therapy is a psychoeducational approach to treating bipolar disorder. Amy and Chris explain the three pillars of the treatment: communication skill training, problem solving, and early prevention. In addition to sharing their own work and research with the treatment, Amy, Chris, and Matt discuss the mental health impacts of the pandemic and how FFT has adapted. 

034: Holistic Psychiatry and Artistic Healing – Seven Healing Stars and Lumonics

Matt and Nima meet with Dr. Jomar Suarez, the founder and Executive Director of 7 Healing Stars, and Barry Raphael, the archivist of the Lumonics School of Light art. 7 Healing Stars presents a holistic way of looking at mental health through recognizing that well-being relies on nutrition, sustainability, education, health, arts, spirituality and community. By gathering a collective of artists, healers, and musicians, 7 Healing Stars has built a sustainable approach to building health, wellness, and community across the world. Barry and Dr. Suarez describe the benefits of art and creativity for mental health and discuss how autistic clients interact and benefit from the school. 

033: Software as a Medical Device: Limbix

In this episode, Matt and Debbie meet with Ben Lewis and John Sockell of Limbix to discuss their digital therapeutics products to help adolescents deal with depression. Ben and John explain Limbix Spark: an FDA-approved digital therapeutic app that is designed to support adolescents with depression. Increasingly, they explain how Limbix is actively creating prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) to enable doctors to prescribe digital, evidence-based, therapeutic interventions for adolescent mental health. 

032: Meaningful Outreach via SMS: Jared Wigdor of Bright-By-Text

In this episode, recorded in the studio prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, Matt and Lauren sit down with Jared Wigdor, vice president and chief development officer for Bright By Text, a text-based outreach model to help guide parents through early parenting. Jared, Matt, and Lauren discuss the challenges of child development and the pressure that is put on parents to raise a healthy, intelligent, and empathetic child. Bright By Text assists parents by providing various materials to encourage social-emotional learning, healthy lifestyle choices, and a coherent family environment

031: Using Pixar’s Inside Out to Help Kids Cope with Difficult Times

In this episode Debbie and Matt meet with Alexis DeCosimo, an art therapist and friend of the Center. The conversation ranges from a mysterious cryptocurrency startup to Celine Dion (again) to the project Alexis and Debbie worked on together to help families use the film Inside Out as a way to talk about their feelings.

030: Robot Assisted Therapy – Fine Arts Miracles and Misty Robotics

Matt and Sarah Meet Virtually with Aubrey Shick and Tim Enwall, of Fine Arts Miracles and Misty Robotics, do discuss how robots are being used as an augmentation for therapy.

029: Being the Change – Brooke and Brian Griese on Helping Families Navigate Grief and Loss

Matt and Sarah speak with Brian and Brooke Griese, founders of Judi’s House, a community center for families experiencing loss, with a direct focus on childhood bereavement. Brian, a former NFL player, 1998 Super Bowl champion, and son of Football Hall-of-Famer Bob Griese, lost his mother at a young age. Brooke decided at a young age to become a child psychologist. Together, they are making incredible strides for science-backed and community-oriented improvements to the way kids and their families deal with grief and loss.

028: Already Remote – Community Mental Health in the Mountains

In this episode, Sarah and Matt interview Sharon Raggio, CEO and President of Mindsprings Health, a community Mental Health organization serving a large catchment area in the Rocky Mountains. They discuss providing mental healthcare for rural communities, and the acceleration of telemedicine as a result of COVID-19.

027: Changing the way Doctors Prescribe Opiates with OpiSafe

Matt and Sarah talk with Robert Valuck, CEO of Opisafe and faculty at the Skaags School of Pharmacy. OpiSafe is a tool Doctors use to reduce potential harm and abuse when prescribing opiates and is making waves in the medical community by applying innovative thinking to one of Healthcare’s most urgent challenges.

026: The Mental Health of a City with Wes Williams

In this episode, recorded prior to the COVID-19 Outbreak, Matt and Sarah Boland sit down with Wes Williams, the Chief Information Officer of the Mental Health Center of Denver to talk about their innovative approach to community mental health, via their Digital Front Door, Human-Focused Design, and meeting the need Denver’s population in whatever way they can, including haircuts.

025: Getting Through it Together: Peer-to-Peer Support with iRel8

In this episode, Matt and Debbie sit down with Dion Gonzales and Jeff Dorchester, the founders of the anonymous peer support app IRel8, to discuss how and why they created their anonymous, peer-to-peer mental health app.

024: Pandemic Parenting – the challenges Families Face during COVID-19

Matt and Debbie sit down with Scott Cypers, director of Stress and Anxiety programs at the Johnson Depression Center, at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus to discuss the implications of COVID-19 on the family and on parenting.

023: Osiris Labs – Building Empathy in the Workplace with VR

Matt and Sarah sit down with James and Don of Osiris Labs to discuss using virtual reality to train soft skills to help better workplace productivity and build empathy. The group discusses how technology and these skills apply in response to COVID-19 and how these skills may be different in a post COVID-19 world.

022: Managing a Work From Home Organization

Matt and Q Saeed meet (remotely) to discuss the role of leadership in organizations, and the way COVID-19 has caused unprecedented change in the way teams work.

021: Take Out Therapy: An Open Chat About Telehealth in the time of COVID-19

Matt has a remote meeting with Mimi McFaul, Debbie Boeldt and Gwen Gaumond from NMHIC. All three guests are telehealth experts, and they discuss the ins and outs of online therapy, paying particular attention to it’s increased prevalence during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you for listening! Here are some helpful guidelines for therapists hoping to provide services via video session during the COVID pandemic. Remember to always read Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreements prior to provision of services. Thank you for continuing to provide excellent support to the people you serve as therapists. Continue to check back with the Crazed podcast and on the NMHIC web page for further guidance and support during this challenging time.

Reference blog post for National Association of Social Work NASW, American Counseling Association ACA, and American Psychological Association APA guidelines regarding ethical guidelines for tele-therapy: http://mentalhealthinnovation.org/blog-post/tips-for-therapists-conducting-teletherapy-in-response-to-covid-19-recommendations/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=1655

CMS – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services directive announced March 6 expanding tele-therapy: https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/press-releases/president-trump-expands-telehealth-benefits-medicare-beneficiaries-during-covid-19-outbreak

Simple Practice free to new users for 30 days, embedded tele-therapy: https://secure.simplepractice.com/users/sign_up

Zoom tips for educators, events and security: https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/covid19.html

020: Working Hard From Home or Hardly Working from Home? Home Office Life During a Pandemic

Matt and Sarah have a remote meeting with John Vogl, Matt’s nephew and a Work from Home veteran, and discuss strategies for focus, keeping your head in the right place, and a secret trick that prevents Matt from ignoring your email.

019: Making a Map in Uncertain Times: Tools and Support for Students during COVID-19

Matt sits down with special guests Rachel Davis, MD and Robert Rosenthal, PhD to discuss self care and support for students during COVID-19

018: We Got This: First Responder Stress and Resilience for COVID-19

Matt chats with Steven Berkowitz, MD and Laura McGladery, PMHNP about First Responder Stress and Resilience for COVID-19.

017: Evolving Residency Training in Psychiatry with Ronil Shah and Zach Demko

In this episode, Matt chats with two Psychiatry residents here at the University of Colorado who are leading a pilot study with OxfordVR and examining what the real world implementation would look like to run a VR clinic. They discuss the often skeptical side clinicians have of technology assisted therapy and how tools such as VR can help take the burden off the therapist and in turn, increase the case load that a clinician can carry.

016: Can Technology Help Improve the Lives of Older Adults?

With a large gap in training for those working with the elderly, Sharon Lipford and Steve Goldberg discuss Engage with, a highly interactive training designed to increase awareness and develop skills necessary to engage in healthy, caring relationships with older adults and how technology is helping maximize resources for training nationally.

015: Reading the Tarot Cards on the Future of VR with Andy Mathis

Matt, Nima, and Sarah sit down for a conversation and some laughs with Andy Mathis of Oculus/Facebook

014: Novel VR Across the Pond – Our Partnership with Oxford VR

In this episode, Matt and Debbie sit down with our partners from across the pond, Barnaby Perks and Stephanie Ruskin of Oxford VR.

013: The Young and The Invincible

In this episode, Matt sits down with two representatives from the Colorado chapter of the Young Invincibles, Sandy Vang, Giselle Chico, and the leader of the Colorado Chapter, Christina Powsolowski.

012: Meditation for The Masses: The National Symposium for Mental Health and Mental Fitness

Matt speaks with the organizers of this fast-approaching, incredible meeting in Denver on July 23rd and 24th.

011: Emotions Inside and Out: An Animated Conversation with Pete Docter (part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of Matt and Rick’s sit down with Pixar’s Pete Docter, director of the movie Inside Out and many other classics from the legendary animation studio.

010: Emotions Inside and Out: An Animated Conversation with Pete Docter (Part 1 of 2)

In this episode, Matt and Rick sat down with Pixar’s Pete Docter, director of the movie Inside Out and many other classics from the legendary animation studio.

009: Project Second Helping – Re-Recording with Justin Kruger

In this episode, Matt sits down (again) with Justin Kruger, the founder of Project Helping, a volunteer network founded not only with the intention of bettering communities, but benefiting the mental wellness of it’s volunteers.

008: Capitol Crusader Leslie Herod: Using Policy in the Fight to Improve Mental Health

In this episode, Matt and Rick interview Representative Leslie Herod at the Capitol Building in downtown Denver. Rep. Herod is the first LGBTQ African American in the General Assembly, and has been fighting for crucial new legislation to better the community she comes form, and Denver as a whole.

007: Bald Eagles in the Town Dump: A Laughing Matter

For this special episode, Garrison and Matt sat down to talk about a funny thing that happened in Juneau, Alaska.

The flyer Matt kept seeing around town


006: Noah Robinson – VR and Addiction Recovery, Finding Yourself Online

In this episode, hosts Matt and Debbie interview Noah Robinson, a graduate student at Vanderbilt University who is exploring how VR can be used to treat addiction. He talks about how games like VRChat can help people become who they want to be, and his own experience navigating depression by turning to online communities. This is the second episode our team recorded at the VR Voice conference in Tucson Arizona.

005: Ba, Be, Bi, Bo, Bu – Elizabeth McMahon Sings Opera, Treats Anxiety with VR

In this episode, Matt and Debbie interview Elizabeth McMahon, a psychologist who opened a private practice after over 30 years at Kaiser Permanante. She’s one of the first therapists to adopt Virtual Reality as a method for treatment of anxiety, phobias and other behavior health conditions. Elizabeth and Debbie are working on a book about the clinical applications of VR, which will be available soon!

004: Dama Dipayana on Autism, Elephants, and being a Renaissance Woman

For this episode, Matt, Rick and Debbie interview Dama Dipayana, a partner here at the Center and true renaissance woman. Topics range from her video production company, Be Frank, to her new project Manatee, an app designed to provide an AI Companion and therapy for kids with behavioral disorders, to her time in Sri Lanka providing care for elephants, to her experience as a female entrepreneur in tech and finance.