059: A New Way to Quit Smoking: Mindcotine

In this episode, Matt and Sarah chat with Emilio Goldenhersch, CSO of Mindcotine, about their smoking cessation platform. Emilio tells of his world travels and how the idea

044: Sources of Strength – Scott LoMurray

Debbie and Matt speak with Scott LoMurray, executive director of Sources of Strength, an organization dedicated to changing the conversation about mental health among students.

043: Patrick Bordnick

With 20 years of experience in the use of Virtual Reality for the treatment of addiction, Patrick Bordnick has a wealth of knowledge to share

013: The Young and The Invincible

In this episode, Matt sits down with two representatives from the Colorado chapter of the Young Invincibles, Sandy Vang, Giselle Chico, and the leader of

001: Introductions

For our first real episode, hosts Matt and Rick interview each other. They discuss what lead them to their work, and the personal stories that


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