048: Executive Coaching is NOT Therapy: Janelle Banat

Matt and Sarah speak with Janelle Banat, who is an EXECUTIVE COACH and NOT A THERAPIST. The only reason this has to be made clear is because she...

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047: A New Year And a Second Chance with Hassan Latif

Matt, Sarah and Lena sit down with Hassan Latif, executive director of the Second Chance Center, a non-profit dedicated to reducing recidivism in the post incarcerated population nation...

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046: Entertaining the Children and Healing the Family – Rick Rekedal Returns

Matt and Sarah chat with Rick about his family’s journey through suicide, alcoholism, and ultimately reconciliation which inspired Rick’s book called “One Small Step”. The three also talk...

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This podcast is produced by the National Mental Health Innovation Center at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. The Center’s mission is to find, develop and put into practice big new ideas to change the way people approach and think about mental health.

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Our podcast welcomes experts in Digital Medicine, Community Leaders, Executives and many more of the best and brightest in the exciting world of mental health

Walter Greenleaf, PhD

Walter Greenleaf, PhD is a research neuroscientist and medical product developer working at Stanford University. Walter is known internationally as an early pioneer in digital medicine and virtual reality (VR) technology. With over three decades of research and product development experience in the field of medical virtual reality technology, Walter is considered a leading authority. Walter is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, the Director of Technology Strategy at the University of Colorado National Mental Health Innovation Center, and Member of the Board of Directors for Brainstorm: The Stanford Laboratory for Brain Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Dama Dipayana

Dama has over 10 years of tech start-up experience and has built and lead large teams globally (she has lived in 9 countries). She grew up with an autistic brother and father and is passionate about children’s mental health. She is the CEO of Manatee, which develops software focused on meeting the needs of children with behavioral disorders. She also runs a video production company in LA. 

Elizabeth McMahon, PhD

Elizabeth is a psychologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. After over 30 years working with Kaiser Permanente, she opened a private practice where she focuses on the treatment of anxiety and phobias. Elizabeth is one of the very few psychologists using Virtual Reality to help her patients overcome their fears. She also sings opera!

Rep. Leslie Herod

Representative Leslie Herod (HD-8) was elected in 2016 as the first LGBTQ African American in the General Assembly, while receiving the highest number of votes of any candidate running in a contested election. She serves as the Chair of the House Finance Committee, Vice Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and Vice Chair of the Committee on Legal Services. Rep. Herod also chairs the Colorado Black Democratic Legislative Caucus and the Arts Caucus.

In her first term as a state representative, Herod directed over $18 million in the state’s budget and sent 20 bills to the Governor’s desk, marshaling through numerous pieces of legislation addressing criminal justice reform, mental health & substance abuse, renewable energy, youth homelessness, and civil rights protections. Her legislative agenda underscores her commitment to improving the lives of all Coloradans, especially those caught in the cycle of poverty or mired in the criminal justice system.

Noah Robinson

As a graduate student in the Hollon Research Group, Noah is exploring how virtual reality can be used to treat addiction. He is using virtual reality at an in-patient drug rehabilitation center for patients with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. Noah eventually plans to conduct clinical research through Internet-based virtual reality treatments.

Over the past year he has explored how virtual reality can be used to help regulate the emotions of patients at an in-patient rehabilitation center. He has observed surprising results, with patients reporting that recreational VR significantly decreases negative affect and increases positive affect for a period of hours or days. Noah recently received a NSF I-CORPS grant to travel the country and interview clinicians, providers, and patients on the potential barriers to implementing a VR-based addiction treatment solution.

Justin Kruger

Justin grew up in a small town in Iowa. Small, like 900 people small. Justin grew up passionate about golf. He played golf in college and played professionally for a short time in Phoenix. After struggling with his own mental health for the majority of his life, he was fortunate to be invited to volunteer. Volunteering proved to be a powerful tool for him to build connection and purpose. The experience was a powerful turning point as he started to use serving others as a tool to improve his own mental wellness. This experience led to the founding of Project Helping, a nonprofit dedicated to improving mental wellness through volunteering. Project Helping started 5 years ago and has now created and led over 1200 volunteer experiences impacting the mental wellness of over 8,000 volunteers.


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